The 3rd Annual Undergraduate Conference: Youth in Islam


We are proud to announce that the Third Annual Undergraduate Conference organized by European Muslim Student Association (EMSA) will be held this year at the International Universty of Sarajevo.

The conference will be centered around islamic youth. Together we will examine issues of contemporary world, how islamic faith aims to solve them and what is the exact role of young prosperous muslims in finding solutions.

The overall goal of the conference is to promote faith based values as well as to break the stigma: there is no such thing as islamic terrorism. We will explore questions of education and islamic identity, and share success stories of young people. This conference will provide participants with an opportunity to see how islamic values have been passed on through generations without a single change in the original teachings, as well as to see how big the responsibility of islamic youth is in providing a good example and promoting islamic moral code.

Participants are welcomed to exchange their views and experiences in the islamic context.

The conference is strictly undergraduate, meaning that the undergraduate students alone are able to submit their papers. The official languages of the conference are English and Bosnian, whereas English language is prefered. Students from all ethnic and race backgrounds are welcomed to participate.

EMSA members are organazing 3rd Annual Undergraduate Conference in cooperation with Islamic Pedagogical Faculty of Zenica University. It will take place on May 19, 2017.

The award for the best paper is 100 KM!

All participants need to submit their papers until May 15, 23:59 at


Participants have to follow specific criteria. Click for the details.



Submission open: March 29th

Paper submission deadline: May 15th, 23:59

Conference date: May 19th







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Islamic Identity

Fighting Prejudices